17 years of experience

About Gregory Cardoza

Would you love to have more energy?
Would you love to spend less time working out?
Would you love to have better quality time with your family?
Would you love to finally reach your fitness goals for good?

I developed a lifestyle fitness program that goes beyond the typical workout and diet model most trainers use.

I'm a life and fitness coaching specialist. I use a combination of life coaching, personal training, and discipline of martial arts to help you achieve your dreams of success.

Personal training is focused primarily on fitness. I focus on the body and mind to achieve lasting results. I will help you understand why you feel the way you do and why you continue to do the same things. Once you understand what is really going on with you and your environment you can begin to make positive lasting health changes.

Have you ever tried to lose weight, or decided to get in better shape? Maybe you tried to get fit on your own, or maybe you hired a personal trainer. Did you achieve your desired results? Often most people fail. Failure is not always a result of effort. The failure occurred because the effort was focused and applied to only one area of life.

Let me give you an example. Weight gain may be caused by a rise in stress. Stress greatly affects sleep. The lack of sleep and stress lead to a rise in hunger. The increased stress decreased sleep, and increased hunger all lead to weight gain. There are many reasons we feel stressed, but we don't always know all the triggers that cause us to feel the way we do. Like a detective, I look for the clues to the problems keeping you from attaining your fitness goals. Step by step, I help you work through your roadblocks and make the necessary lifestyle changes to meet your needs.

My program is about you.
It's about your needs.
It's about your dreams.
It's about you achieving your goals.
It's about you learning how to enjoy life.
It's about you learning to live with balance.

So now that you are motivated lets get started! Message me and I will set up a free thirty minute consultation to explain a few more details.

I have worked with:
Professional Athletes
Bariatric Patients
Working Mom's
College Students

This is what Lifestyle Fitness Coaching is all about.

Gregory Cardoza Elite
Lifestyle Fitness Coaching

Master Personal Trainer
Weight Management Certification
Nutrition and Wellness Certification
Black Belt
Christian Life Coach


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